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EMMA - Espoo Museum of Modern Art

EMMA - Espoo Museum of Modern Art is one of the biggest museums in Finland.

Workshops for adults and corporate groups


EMMA offers bubbly fun activities for adult and corporate groups. During workshops we get to know current exhibition, work with art and enjoy each other’s company! You can chose the content of the workshop from two options:

1. Tastescapes  
What does art taste like?

Come to our Tastescape workshop to assemble visual works of food art to be enjoyed as soon as the transient work of art has been captured for posterity. Inspiration is sought with the help of an experience-intensive guided tour of the exhibition's versatile setting, catering to a variety of senses. The art experience gains intensity as you give expression to inner landscapes through food. Finally, we will raise a toast and indulge in a world of flavours. 

Tapio Wirkkala's Ultima Thule dinnerware and print products of the works of Rut Bryk contribute to the impressive setting.

Duration 2 hrs.
Price: 44 € per person
The price includes admission, a guided tour of the exhibition and a guided workshop, meal included. Regular or non-alcoholic sparkling wine must be ordered separately. In cooperation with Café WeeGee. 

2. Self-portraits
What is considered a self-portrait and what possible forms can it take on nowadays?

The visit starts off with an tour of the exhibition during which we dive into the world of self-portraits. After the tour we move into the Art Workshop where we explore self-portraits with the help of reflections and silhouettes. The senses, sound and touch, tune us into the vicinity of self-portraits, to our personal recollections, feelings and memories. What belongs into my world, how to share it with others? Self-portraits toy with what is possible in contemporary art.

Duration 2 hrs.
Price: 26 € per person (min. 260 € / group)
Includes entrance fee, guided tour of the exhibition plus workshop and materials.
Reservations not later than one week in advance.

Welcome drink/drinks:
- Cava    39,00 €/bottle
- Blackcurrant leaf sparkling wine (non-alcoholic)  25,00 €/bottle
- Organic red/white wine    39,00 €/bottle
- Soft drinks (0.33l)       3,00 €/bottle


Languages: Finnish, Swedish, English
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