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SIS. Deli + Café will launch its services at the WeeGee



SIS. Deli + Café will launch its services in August at the WeeGee Exhibition Centre in Tapiola, Espoo. In the future, SIS. Deli will be responsible for the café and restaurant services to museum and exhibition visitors in addition to providing nearby residents and companies diverse and high-quality café services. SIS. Deli will also be serving in the meetings and celebrations held at WeeGee.
“Tasty, fresh and healthy – easily” is what the SIS Deli + Café concept promises to provide its customers. This promise is currently being fulfilled in two venues in the centre of Helsinki, at the Alexander Theatre as well as in the café of the Logomo Exhibition Centre in Turku. Starting from August, SIS. Deli will also be serving customers in the café-restaurant of WeeGee Exhibition Centre.
The concept of SIS. Deli is based on a combination of high-quality, local food and a subtly aesthetic environment. WeeGee’s fantastic milieu provides the perfect setting for the new, reformed café, which will be opened after the renovation in August to both exhibition and meeting visitors as well as others who are looking for good, high-quality food.
“We prefer tasty organic and local foods. The café at WeeGee will also sell quality treats from a number of small suppliers. In addition to our popular organic and specialty coffee selection, the range will include e.g. stuffed breads and delicious pastries, healthy smoothies, a daily soup and home-made lunch as well as an organic weekend brunch, suitable for the whole family. Additionally, the café will also offer a broad selection of SIS. Deli’s ready-to-eat foods and salads, as well as various organic products and deli treats to take home. We especially wish to take our younger customers into account by offering, for instance, organic children’s food,” say SIS. Deli’s founding entrepreneurs Anu Syrmä and Kaisa Leikola.
“We at SIS. Deli believe that a visit to the café should be a special occasion for the everyday visitor. The café culture is both enjoyable and ordinary in a positive kind of way and can easily be practiced on a daily basis. We hope that both people here in Espoo as well as others will find their way to the museum and exhibition world of WeeGee as often as possible.”
Further information:
SIS. Deli + Café: Anu Syrmä / Kaisa Leikola (010-422 9300 /
WeeGee Exhibition Centre / Contact Manager Lea Rintala 09 - 8165 2199
Ahertajantie 5, Tapiola.,