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EMMA - Espoo Museum of Modern Art is one of the biggest museums in Finland.

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Terms of EMMA's Membersip:

EMMA Club's terms, personal membership

EMMA Club is a patron system maintained by the Espoo Art Museum Foundation / EMMA – Espoo Museum of Modern Art (hereinafter: EMMA), which offers various benefits to its members.
The membership of EMMA Club and the benefits are personal. The membership is always valid until the end of the payment term.
Contact information for the EMMA Club's customer system:
EMMA – Espoo Museum of Modern Art, PO Box 6661, 02070 City of Espoo, www.emmamuseum.fi/emmaklubi
By joining the EMMA Club, a member is seen as having given EMMA the right to send them information about the EMMA Club by email and text messages and to their home address, in order to ensure that utilising the services related to EMMA Club is possible for the member and that EMMA can fulfil its obligations concerning the member.

Membership fee
The membership is valid for a year after paying the member fee. A notification of the term's end will be sent to the members email.

Member identification
In order to use the benefits of EMMA Club, the members must identify themselves with the member ID (membership card) at the EMMA Shop.
Sharing the member ID with others is prohibited.

Terminating the EMMA Club membership
Members are free to terminate their membership at any point. However, the member fee or a part of it will not be returned. If you wish to terminate your membership, please notify EMMA's key account coordinator either by email: info(at)emma.museum or mail: EMMA – Espoo Museum of Modern Art, PO Box 6661, 02070 City of Espoo.
The validity of the membership and member benefits ends after the payment term ends, or, if the member so wishes, before that.
EMMA can terminate the EMMA Club membership due to abuse of its rights. This abuse may include, for example, sharing the member ID with another person. In such cases, EMMA will notify the member in writing about terminating the membership and about the reason for it. However, the membership fee or any part of it will not be returned.

Storage and use of member information
The member information is stored in EMMA's customer system. By providing their personal information with EMMA Club's membership form, the member gives their consent for processing their personal information in accordance with EMMA's register statement. Register and data protection statement



Personal Data Act (523/1999)

1. Registrar
Espoo Art Museum Foundation / EMMA - Espoo Museum of Modern Art (hereinafter EMMA)
PO Box 6661
email: info@emmamuseum.fo
tel. +358 9 8163 0493
Business ID 1784691-8

2. Contact person in matters concerning the registry
EMMA's marketing and communications coordinator

3. Register name
EMMA's customer and stakeholder group register

4. The register's purpose of use
To communicate about and market EMMA's own and cooperative exhibitions, events and current matters, communicate with customer and stakeholder groups, develop services, and send invitations to opening ceremonies and other events.

5. Data contained in the register
The register contains the following information:
- name
- title
- contact information
- grouping based on purpose of use (e.g. opening night's invited guest, subscribers of EMMA magazine)
- profiling that steers the purpose of use (e.g. stakeholder group, business sector)
- additional information necessary to the museum's purpose of use (e.g. on job alternation leave, substitute)

6. Regular information sources
Information is collected from the stakeholder groups participating in the operations and directly from the customers themselves.

7. Regular data transfer
The data is not regularly transferred outside the EMMA organisation.

8. Transferring data outside EU/EEA
Data will not be transferred outside the EU or the European Economic Area.

9. Protection principles of the register
The data recorded into the register has been protected so that they can be viewed and accessed only by an EMMA employee with the right authorisation. The data system can be accessed only by a user ID and password granted by the museum.

The supplier of the electronic service is responsible for the register's technical protection.

10. Inspection right and its realisation
Everyone has the right to inspect the personal information concerning them and to insist that any incorrect information in the register is corrected. Inspection and correction requests are addressed to the registrar.

11. Other possible rights
According to Section 30 of the Personal Data Act, "a data subject has the right to prohibit the controller to process personal data for purposes of direct advertising, distance selling, other direct marketing, market research, opinion polls, public registers or genealogical research".
Any prohibitions concerning personal data should be addressed to the registrar.