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Spring at EMMA with Per Maning and BugsS Bunny & Co


Two exhibitions will open at EMMA on Wednesday, 6.3. With his exhibition A Man Does Things / Photographs and Video Works 1983–2012, the Norwegian artist Per Maning takes us to the ultimate question of the nature of man and animal. The Art of Warner Bros. Cartoons, on the other hand, presents the skills and art that went into the making of animated films by Warner Bros. Studio from 1930–1960.

PER MANING / A MAN DOES THINGS / photographs and video works 1983–2012 / 6.3.–9.6.
Per Maning is one of the most respected artists in Norway today. His career developed from photographing the story of his sick pet dog Leo in 1983–1987. After these four years Maning decided to relinquish his thriving advertising agency and devote himself to art.
During his career, Maning has photographed and videoed animals in order to understand their nature, but without humanising it. He says that ”the similarity between animals and humans lies in the animal” He has been equally as successful photographing our own species: man’s nature and the unspoken communication between people have, in addition to animals, become the artist’s main themes.
Maning’s art concentrates on questions relating to humanity, identity and otherness. His works participate in the on-going dialogue in contemporary art concerning man’s relationship to other species. For Maning, identity is not based only on race, gender and nationality, but also the human ability to recognise and accept itself as just one of many species.
Curated by Timo Valjakka, the exhibition offers a broad view of Maning’s oeuvre from the 1980s to the present in the form of 26 large-sized photographs and video works.
In connection with the exhibition, EMMA will also hold a seminar entitled Every Image is a Self-Portrait at Kino Tapiola, on 3.4.
The art of warner bros. cartoons / original artwork and films from 1930–1960 / 6.3.–19.5.
Our second exhibition has been curated from his own collection by the American journalist and film historian Steve Schneider. It tells of the complex and demanding creative process behind the cartoon shorts produced by Warner Bros. Studio. How could a seven minute film take a year to make?
Warner Bros. Studio’s beloved characters have become an inseparable part of the world with the spread of American 20th century culture. Bugs Bunny, Daffy Duck, Porky Pig, Tweety, Road Runner and many others have captivated one generation after another for over 80 years. The stories abound with speed and danger, but also pointed satire, topical comment and verbal delights, as the makers direct their work at grown-ups.
Bugs Bunny & Co romp around EMMA in cartoon shorts and a good hundred animated drawings, revealing stage by stage the snappy humour of the Studio’s creative workers. The collection has been seen earlier only at MoMA in New York and in Europe at the National Cinema Museum in Turin.
Both Per Maning and Steve Schneider are available for interviews:
·         Per Maning: 5.3.–6.3.
·         Steve Schneider: 5.3.–8.3.
Interviews, contacts and further information: Head of Marketing and Communications Tatu Malmström, tatu.malmstrom@espoo.fi, 043 825 0021.
For more information about the exhibitions:
Per Maning: Curator Päivi Talasmaa, paivi.talasmaa@espoo.fi, 050 511 4206, Exhibition Assistant Inka Laine, inka.laine@espoo.fi, 046 877 3726.
The Art of Warner Bros. Cartoons: Päivi Talasmaa, paivi.talasmaa@espoo.fi, 050 511 4206, Exhibition Assistant Tiina Penttilä, tiina.penttila@espoo.fi, 046 877 2420

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