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EMMA - Espoo Museum of Modern Art is one of the biggest museums in Finland.

Entre chien et loup - at dusk

09.11.2008 to 25.09.2011

The new display of the Saastamoinen Foundation Art Collection  opened on the 12th of November 2008. The display has been planned out by Hannu Väisänen, artist and Finlandia Literary Prize winning author.

The name given to the display is Entre chien et loup–a French expression which translates literally as "between the dog and the wolf" and refers to the moment when one’s eyesight is put to the test as day gives way to the dusk of evening. It is up to the spectator to find what can be seen in the display at that particular moment.

The new display comprises 70 works from the Saastamoinen Foundation Art Collection spanning all art forms from ceramics to video art. Almost all of the works are on show at EMMA for the first time. The display also includes a work made by Hannu Väisänen in situ.

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Hannu Väisänen: 27.10. - 9.11.2008, acryl and casein tempera on plaster plate. Photo Ari Karttunen.

Hannu Väisänen: 27.10. - 9.11.2008, acrylic and casein tempera on plasterboard. Photo: Ari Karttunen.

Audio guide in English

AudioguideAudio guide by artist Hannu Väisänen who designed EMMA's display Entre chien et loup.
Languages: English, French, Swedish and Finnish

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