This autumn marks the fifth anniversary of EMMA | EMMA - Espoo Museum of Modern Art

EMMA - Espoo Museum of Modern Art

EMMA - Espoo Museum of Modern Art is one of the biggest museums in Finland.

This autumn marks the fifth anniversary of EMMA


This autumn marks the fifth anniversary of EMMA and the whole WeeGee.  The exhibition centre WeeGee will celebrate its anniversary with a four-day Art Marathon from 13. to 16.10.  The Marathon event is designed to suit all ages and the routes to suit all tastes. The marathon will not strain competitors’ legs but will challenge their imagination at the “filling stations” around the exhibition centre.
EMMA’ birthday exhibitions present the work of two artists – one a Finnish classic, the other a contemporary international artist.  The autumn programme will culminate in November with a theme exhibition from the Saastamoinen Foundation Collection:  The World in a Box – Assemblage by Juhani Harri.

28.9.11 - 8.1.12.
Anitra Lucander – Poet of Colour

The Anitra Lucander –Poet of Colour exhibition focuses on the work of Anitra Lucander (1918-2000), an artist comparatively unknown to the Finnish public. The exhibition is the latest in EMMA’s classic series presenting major names from the world of Finnish Modernism.
Anitra Lucander was a Finnish post-war art innovator and an exception on the then highly masculine art scene.  During the 1950s she made use of Cubism and collage technique to develop her own particular form of abstract lyrical expression based on a rich colour palette.  EMMA’s comprehensive retrospective of almost 150 works comprises paintings, collages, fabric applications, murals, prints and drawings.  The exhibition also throws light on Lucander’s fascinating life. Unlike other women of her generation the artist travelled widely, mainly alone.
Lucander has strong links with EMMA and the WeeGee building.  During the years 1955-1960 she was the first and only female artist to work in the Nallepolku atelier of the Artists’ Association of Finland in Tapiola and she also had close ties with Hagalund Manor. Lucander acted as colour consultant to Aarno Ruusuvuori, the designer of the WeeGee building and to the Helsinki Market Square neighbourhood renovation project.
The exhibition is curated by the art historian Sanna Teittinen, M.A.(Phil.) who completed her doctorate on Anitra Lucander’s art in 2009.

Yang Fudong – Utopia and Reality
Contemporary art from China

The Chinese artist Yang Fudong (b. 1971) is considered one of today’s most talented representatives of Chinese video and film art. The artist originally studied painting at the progressive Zheijang Art Academy where he came into contact with international contemporary and video art.  The artist’s reputation received further impetus at the Shanghai Biennale in 2000 in which he participated on the invitation of Ai We Win, possibly one of China’s best-known artists. Unlike earlier generations of Chinese artists who fled the country, Yang Fudong continues to live and work in Shanghai where working conditions today are good. Yang Fudong’s camera work has a magical beauty and his work a mystical exotism.  EMMA’s exhibition comprises four media works:  East of Que Village (2007), parts 3, 4 and 5 of the series Seven Intellectuals in Bamboo Forest and photographs from the video work No Snow on the Broken Bridge (2006).  Many of Fudong’s work focus on the problems of the younger generation and the awareness of what China’s development and materialism have brought about.
Seven Intellectuals in Bamboo Forest is based on an old Chinese legend dating back to the Wei and Jin dynasties about seven famous Tao artists and poets who used to meet in a bamboo grove to talk, sing and make music. The intellectuals of Yang Fudong’s series are young people living in today’s China who long for personal freedom in an increasingly capitalist society. East of Que Village focuses on the feelings of isolation and loss currently experienced throughout the Chinese countryside: communities are disappearing, traditional rural villages are being absorbed into surrounding urban areas and the struggle for existence is gaining the upper hand. Fudong depicts the Chinese countryside and its daily struggle for survival in the midst of growing urbanisation.


13-16.10 Art Marathon
12.11. EMMA - music under the full moon. EMMA makes music in the moonlight in Lucander era style led by the legendary Dallapé orchestra and soloist Sami Saari.
Art Coffee for senior visitors: Thursday 6.10, 3.1, 1,12 an Saturday 12.11. Art Coffee comprises a visit to the exhibitions, the art workshop and coffee.

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