APRIL JAZZ GOES EMMA | EMMA - Espoo Museum of Modern Art

EMMA - Espoo Museum of Modern Art

EMMA - Espoo Museum of Modern Art is one of the biggest museums in Finland.


EMMA and April Jazz bring jazz music into an art museum. Guitarist and composer Raoul Björkenheim will create a new composition to the “No Ordinary Moments” exhibition opening in April 2018.

Björkenheim is best-known for his innovative, lyrical guitar playing in groups like Krakatau, Scorch Trio, eCsTaSy and Triad, with 47 recordings in his discography. Perhaps less known is his work as a composer, with four orchestral scores, two big band suites, a guitar orchestra piece and scores for ten films to his credit. During his 36-year career, Björkenheim has been awarded the Yrjö prize, the jazz Emma, the Young Finland Award and been nominated twice for jazz Emmas and three times for the Nordic Music Prize.

Raoul Björkenheim: “The relationship between music and image has always fascinated me, being a film freak, and this has served me well in my work on film scores. The most interesting synergies occur when the music doesn’t simply underline the meaning of the image but when it creates a counterpoint which enriches the total experience. The music I’m planning for the Emma exhibition will make free use of both approaches, and I hope that viewers will be exhilarated by the combined forces of the images combined with my surrealist music.”

“No Ordinary Moments”, an extensive group exhibition featuring recent acquisitions and picks from EMMA’s collections. The show forms a bridge between Oppenheim’s world and contemporary life with a selection of surrealist-inspired contemporary works celebrating small, everyday miracles. The featured exhibits have an uncanny, otherworldly quality that transcends daily reality and plunges into the depths of the subconscious and unconscious mind.

The exhibition is an engaging, experiential compilation of installations, media art, paintings, sculptures and photographs by Finnish and international contemporary artists. Many of EMMA’s recent acquisitions were made specifically for this exhibition. Works from EMMA’s collection are also on permanent display in public venues around Espoo.

PREMIER CONCERT – Raoul Björkenheim at EMMA on Saturday, the 28th of April.

The concert is included in the Exhibition Centre WeeGee’s ticket.