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EMMA - Espoo Museum of Modern Art is one of the biggest museums in Finland.

Art at the Espoo Hospital

Art plays a central role in the design of the new Espoo Hospital. Six new commissioned works were incorporated into the architecture and operations of the hospital. The art on display includes works from the collections of EMMA – Espoo Museum of Modern Art. The hospital has some three hundred works on display. This makes it the largest collection of art in a public space in Espoo. 

Art brings joy to customers, visitors and the staff and contributes to a high-quality environment. The hospital staff has participated in the selection of works. Guided by EMMA’s experts, the staff familiarised themselves with different themes and techniques of art. The role of art in hospital routines and as an aid in recovery is such that the staff can convey to customers. 

Commissioned works: 

Company / Aamu Song, Johan Olin
Flower Vase Tree, 2016, steel, blown glass 199 cm.

“The Company glass vases are a joyful sight on the branches of the Flower Vase Tree and when in use in patient rooms.”

Jaakko Mattila
Maisema, 2016, watercolour, gouache on paper, 142 x 247 cm
Valon dialogi, 2016, watercolour on paper, 142 x 243 cm.
Materia, 2016, watercolour on paper, 140 x 248 cm.
Circle in Ground, 2015, watercolour on paper, 112 x 91 cm.

 “Jaakko Mattila’s series of tranquil and translucent watercolours are located in the hospice care unit.”

Kirsi Kivivirta
Waters, 2016, glazed porcelain
Located in three floors K3: 105 x 88 cm and 148 x 59 cm, K2: 106 x 97 cm and 100 x 110 cm, K1: 70 x 145 cm and 89 x 119 cm.

“Kirsi Kivivirta’s ceramic works are evocative of the different forms of water.”

Leena Nio, Taneli Rautiainen, Jenni Toikka
(In)Sight, 2016,glass, metal, k 325 x l 220 x s 19 cm

“The artist group Nio-Rautiainen-Toikka created, for the Quiet Room, a glass work, in which light is important.”

Oona Tikkaoja
Helix, 2016, powder coated aluminium, led light, 950 cm x 190 cm.

“The forms of Oona Tikkaoja’s work are derived from nature, resembling the DNA double helix or a snake, the symbol of medicine.”

Hanna Vihriälä
Silverweed, 2016, steel wire, aluminium, plastic beads, 115 x 360 x 540 cm

Hanna Vihriälä
Sorrel, 2016, steel wire, aluminium, plastic beads, 115 x 900 x 180 cm

“Hanna Vihriälä’s works are inspired by sorrel and silverweed, which are both known herbal medicines.”


Renja Leino
Happy Hour

video, 2:02 h loop
edit: Renja Leino
voice edit: Jussi Virkkumaa